Reflects the most current public management thinking of top-level executives in all SOE’s. Distributed to approx. 700 SOEs in South Africa cutting across the national, provincial and local spheres of government – the content mix is strongly aligned to the National Development Plan 2030.

SOE Review is specifically published as an effective and efficient communication platform that keeps all key stakeholders and the public abreast of activities within SOEs, and in line with the core values of good governance such as transparency and inclusive management of state resources.

The magazine strives, with the necessary bias, to reflect the inner workings of SOEs and SOCs. The magazine, brought to you by Uhuru, will be a platform to showcase their financial performances, flagship projects, people management and skills development, as well as major achievements and accolades. It will become the “official” source of information dedicated to highlighting the progress being made and challenges being overcome in the public sector.

The articles and editorials will be informative and accurate and the magazine will give a voice and commentary to the work being done toward moving the country forward. It will act as an inspiration and a source of pride as it is presented to keep the public-at-large informed.

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